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Make The Most Out Of Your Printer Ink Cartridges In Australia

by hostabcseo on August 27, 2014

Make The Most Out Of Your Printer Ink Cartridges In Australia

You shouldn’t compromise on print quality if you’re making photo prints, but there are ways to ensure you make the most out of every Inkjet cartridge without resorting to faded or blotted prints. Ink cartridges only last if you’re frugal with the colors; this means that you shouldn’t use the colored ink tanks for black-and-white prints. The printer settings should also be configured to complement the print job, that’s if you want to avoid soggy or scrapped copies. The savings may be a trifle if you use your printer on occasion, but these stack up if you’re used to making bulk prints. You can only do so much to scrimp on ink usage, though. You should first have an efficient printer that squeezes every drop out of your ink tanks and puts it to good use.

Printers make great copies if you use appropriate ink brands; you should respect exclusivity or you’ll ruin your printer head. The tanks are configured to match the printer head’s ink dispersion system, so you can’t switch cartridges between brands because they won’t fit and won’t work. You’re probably considering generic substitutes, though, alternatives which claim to save you a fortune with refillable cartridges and bottomless inks. While it’s true that these produce legible printouts, the quality pales in comparison to prints made out of genuine inks.

You shouldn’t waste money on substandard inks, especially if you put a premium on the presentation. Some distributors sell OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges, though. You could skim off some of the costs if you’re placing bulk purchases of Inkjet cartridges Australia. OEM alternatives are at par with the genuine stuff because these are manufactured with the same materials.

Printer brands strongly recommend you use genuine inks on their units, and for good reason. This is even necessary if you’re using industrial-grade printers. You’ll reduce the risk of crappy prints and wasted ink (and paper) if the first output’s quality meets your expectations. The printer head always have slots for all the basic colors, but you should also invest in a separate black ink tank that can handle all the text prints. You’ll extend the life of the color tanks if you use these sparingly and only for prints which require the appropriate color combinations. If you can spare the extra expense, it’s better to have separate printers for document and photo prints.

You can order ink cartridges online if you don’t want to visit walk-in stores. There are sites which sell these straight from the manufacturers so you don’t have to pay for middlemen costs. If your printing tasks require plenty of spare cartridges on standby, then you can also order direct from the manufacturers and have the purchase shipped via courier services. Genuine inks come with manufacturer guarantees and warranty; these should come in handy if your printer’s replacement and service warranty still applies and you don’t want to waste the coverage. If you’ve yet to replace your drained Inkjet cartridge with a fresh tank, then you’re better off when you invest in genuine inks. You can try out generic inks as substitutes, but you’ll only compromise quality for cost. Opt for the branded inks and ensure the efficiency and quality of your output.

lifetime family vacations

by hostabcseo on August 21, 2014

lifetime family vacations

9 once-in-a-lifetime family vacationsUriel Sinai / Getty Images

The Aurora Borealis glows in the sky, September 03, 2007, in the Greenland town of Kangerlussuaq. The Northern Lights most often occurs from September to October and from March to April and are a popular tourist attraction.

By Lissa Poirot, Family Vacation Critic

We all have that dream trip in the back of our minds. Perhaps they have even registered on a Bucket List of places to visit before we die? While dream trips are in our dreams because they are harder for us to take — budget and kids seem to put a stop to those dreams — there are certainly some once-in-a-lifetime experiences that the entire family can enjoy. When saving up for that big vacation, consider saving for one that will leave a lifetime of memories.

1. Go on an African safari

Who hasn’t thought of someday taking on an African safari and bonding during a technology-free exploration of the African plains filled with wild zebra, giraffe and lions? These days, tour companies are making it easier for families to enjoy safaris together in settings as simple as mobile tents to “glamping” excursions to thatched-roof lodges. Most safaris will not allow children younger than 6, which is OK, you want your child to be able to appreciate what they will see and have the patience and ability to stay silent when it comes to animal sightings. Get closer to making it a reality with a look at our 10 Best African Safari Lodges for Families.

2. See the Northern Lights

The aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon where light dances across the sky. And it only occurs closer to the North Pole. (The South Pole gets a harder-to-spot version.) The best time to witness the occurrences is between April and October. Alaska may get you a glimpse of this natural wonder, and it’s easier than ever to tour Alaska when you enjoy an Alaskan cruise. For a more exotic adventure, northern Canadian provinces and Scandinavian countries also provide excellent views. Or perhaps a trip to Iceland, where you can also swim in the Blue Lagoon’s hot springs?

3. Take a barefoot cruise

While cruising may not be a once-in-a-lifetime endeavor, chartering a sailboat and enjoying a barefoot cruise is certainly something that may cost a little more but is guaranteed to provide some bonding time with the family. Instead of numerous dining rooms, arcades, waterslides, shows, and activities found on the larger cruises, a charter is simply your family with a captain and small crew (maybe just a skipper/cook) and nothing but open seas in which to swim, snorkel and diving in. For meals, you will gather in the galley or on deck in your bare feet and swimsuits. For entertainment, you’ll hike a deserted island or wander around a small port. It’s one-on-one time in a gorgeous setting, most likely the Caribbean. A great area for barefoot cruising is the British Virgin Islands, which offers more than 60 islands to hop and the beautiful Baths? Nicholson Yacht Charters set me up for a fantastic barefoot cruise I have yet to forget.

4. Work a dude ranch

The Wild West is truly America’s last frontier and a visit to a dude ranch is a vacation like no other for your kids. Joining a dude ranch for a week or weekend will ensure a technology-free vacation where you and your kids will sit around a camp fire and just be together. Of course there is some work before that point: trail rides, fishing, hiking and more. Sure, you can turn City Slicker and try your hand at a working dude ranch, but these days family dude ranches provide both roughing it and luxury options (think spas). Even if you are not the outdoors type, someone will be on hand to help you saddle up, bait up, and call out the do-si-dos on the evening square dances. Check out our list of our 10 Best Dude Ranches to help you plan.

5. Go to the Olympics

This one is easiest to do when the Olympics are held on American soil, such as the 1996 Atlanta games, so even if you do not want to fly overseas to witness the entire world come together in a competition that dates back to Ancient Greece, you can save for the day they return. However, if you want to enjoy the spectacle with the kids, you’ll have to pick one of the upcoming games: London 2012, Sochi, Russia 2014 and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2016. Me? I am hoping to make it to the London summer games because London is a great place for kids and my children will be 8 and 7.

6. Ride a mule to the bottom of the grand canyon

Perhaps it’s my outdated vision of the Brady Bunch episode where the Bradys ride down to camp in the Grand Canyon, but the idea of doing something that has been done in these parts for more than a century just screams “try it before it’s too late!” The Grand Canyon is something every person should see in person once in their life, for its scope cannot be imagined until seeing it first hand. Letting a mule do all the work going down and up the canyon also lets you take in the vistas from your changing point of view.

7. Catch a sunrise from the top of a volcano

Well, maybe a sunset so you don’t have to wake the kids too early, but catching one or the other standing at the top of a volcano looking down into its crater is definite a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Luckily, the Hawaiian Islands are littered with volcanoes, and happen to be exotic, warm-weather, family-friendly destinations that are dream vacations in themselves. Tour groups offer rides up to the tops of volcanoes so you don’t have to hike it, but if you feel adventurous, some tour groups let you hike back down, or even bring bikes for you to bike back down. (Save both for the older kids.) If you really want to splurge, take a helicopter ride to the top.

8. Sleep in a castle

Any child bewitched by Harry Potter (or adult, for that matter), will get a kick out of spending an evening in a bona fide castle. Something about arriving at a castle and being inside its stone walls with woven rugs and armor making up the decor is magical to all ages. Thankfully, this dream isn’t too hard to come by if you head to Europe, where centuries-old castles are being converted into family-friendly resorts. You’ll find castle resorts in places like Germany, Scotland, England, France and Ireland, particularly Dromoland, where old and new are combined to create a luxurious experience.

9. Climb to the top of a man-made wonder

For me, the dream trip would be flying to Sydney, Australia (business class, of course) and climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I’ve heard so much about the daily climbs up and down the bridge, particularly starting the late afternoon to walk up as the sun begins to set, and back down as day turns to night over the Harbor. Considering the length and price of flights to Australia, all is not lost for anyone wanting to stand atop an iconic man-made structure. The easiest way to check this one off the list is a trip to New York City to climb the hundreds of stairs to the crown of the Statue of Liberty. Or fly to Paris to ride the elevator up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Both cities are easy to get to with airfare deals always in the works, and both cities have an array of things to see and do with the kids. Of course, if you really want to aim for a destination further afield, Sydney calls, as does China’s Great Wall.

Living Healthy With Exercise Bike

by hostabcseo on August 14, 2014

Living Healthy With Exercise Bike

The popularity of the exercise bike among many exercise machines is that exercise bikes moves almost all the back and leg muscles of the user while riding.

Resistance on the exercise bike can be adjusted to intensities that will suit individual’s aerobic needs from the gentle to the more rigorous. The versatility of the exercise bike makes it adjustable to different requirements of the exerciser. Some prefer the slow pedaling at higher resistance levels; others need spinning the wheel at lower resistance levels while some would want to use different resistance alternately. It can also suit the exerciser requirements that would need a more forward leaning position, an upright position and the recumbent position.

When doing the exercise for the first time, a health professional should always be around to provide a safe program for the patient. Knowing the patient’s optimal heart rate is crucial in determining the program and to prevent injuries. Aside from the exercise programs the health professional will also determine the correct posture and resistance that are needed. They are also trained to spot potential difficulties that could cause more problems that someone not trained will not.

Normally, these kinds of programs should be done three times a week for at least 20 minutes each. The patient is always required to start slowly especially for those who are not used to the rigors of exercising. One of the main objectives here is to raise the patient’s heart rate from 60 to 85% of the patient’s maximum heart rate.

For people who would prefer to have the exercise at home instead of going regularly to the gym, an exercise bike is a convenient machine, as it requires very little space. Some exercise bikes are collapsible so that it does not continue to occupy spaces when no longer in use and be tucked away under a bed or a closet.

Exercise bikes can be as inexpensive as a few hundreds of dollars to a few thousand depending on the features and other benefit that it offers.

In lieu of the exercise bike, an ordinary bicycle can also be used. The bike is mounted on a trainer (which is very cheap and is very easy to install), where the rear wheel of the bicycle is raised and the exerciser uses this as a stationary bike. Trainers can be bought at most bicycle retailers.

There are many benefits that the exercise bike can provide but it is especially effective for people who have back ailments.

Riding a bike on the roads, running and jogging is good at strengthening the back conditions of patients but it can also injure the spine, this is why a stationary bike is a popular alternative. Some ailments that could benefit best from an exercise bike are the Spinal Stenopsis and the Osteoarthritis.

Exercise bike are good at strengthening back muscle groups, the leg, calf, the hamstrings at the back of the thigh and can also work the abdominal muscles.

Exercise bicycles can also improve the flexibility of muscles and ligaments. It can also aid to a very large extent the range of movements of the muscles that otherwise can develop spasms and stiffness. Exercise bikes can help reduce the stresses of the muscles at the lower back, and with regularity of use can promote circulation and cardiovascular health.

LED Strobe Lights Have Full Spectrum Uses

by hostabcseo on August 10, 2014

LED Strobe Lights Have Full Spectrum Uses

Flashing strobe lights have always been in use for industrial applications and for emergency vehicle lighting. While formerly halogen lights were used for strobe lighting, with the increased application of LED lights, LED strobe lights are commonly used in emergency vehicles. LED strobe lights are also used for parties, stage lighting, and also for undercover operations by policemen.

A stroboscopic lamp, which is better known by the name strobe light, is a light that produces the required effect by recurring flashes of light. Halogen lights known as HID or high intensity discharge lights were traditionally used in strobe lights. However, with the advent of LED in the world of illumination, strobe lights too rely on this light source, giving rise to what are known as LED strobe lights.

The basic attraction of strobe lighting is that they can be programmed to give various visual effects. Something moving cyclically can be made to appear stationary by strobe lighting. The flashing pattern of LED strobe lights come in very handy for warning light applications in various emergency vehicles like police vehicles, ambulances, and stationary construction site equipments.

Even simple LED strobe lights can be programmed to flash in many different ways. Lights can be controlled to flash continuously slow or continuously fast, alternatively fast, alternatively slow, alternatively slow and fast, or in many other combinations of differently numbered slow and fast cycles. As in all emergency vehicle applications, red, blue, amber, and white are the common colors used for LED strobe lights.

LED strobe lights used in emergency vehicles can be mounted permanently on the roof, or even inside the vehicle near the side mirror, or rear view mirror, or window, or dash, or deck. There are also small LED strobe lights units that come with adjustable pedestals, and provisions for temporary mounting. These can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle and can be detached and re-mounted in the same place, or at another point or in another vehicle. LED strobe lights for temporary use can be mounted by connecting it to the cigarette adapter of the vehicle, or can be screwed in or magnetically mounted.

Concealed LED strobe lights that can be incorporated into headlights or taillights are used in undercover operations by the police. These lights will not be visible till activated and so comes in very handy for policemen who need to operate invisibly. The use of LED lights in taillights of ordinary vehicles is not always recommended because the high level stimulation from strobe lighting could be strong enough to disorient the driver in the vehicle behind. However, for this very reason, the use of LED strobe lights in police vehicles can be helpful to the police in interaction with criminals.

LED strobe lights can be calibrated to produce even hundred flashes in a second for certain industrial purposes and are used to measure rotation speeds. Another application of LED lights is in video-stroboscopy where it is used to view vocal cord movements during speech. These lights are available as portable units for use as party lights or for stage lighting. Since color is generated in an LED light with its chemical combination, they can be programmed to produce a wide range of colors, including a light almost like daylight, or an ultraviolet light. In the case of simple portable LED strobe lights, there will be several inbuilt flash patterns, whereas with more sophisticated ones the user will be able to program many more flash patterns of his choice.

Extreme Electrical Dynamics is a one-stop shop for emergency vehicle lights,

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IOW Bicycling Competition Paths

by hostabcseo on July 9, 2014

IOW Bicycling Competition Paths

This is without a doubt kept from twenty twond just up until thirtyth having to do with September. There is simply a huge assortment including bicycling tracks with a purpose to satisfy the the majority of delicate styles.

Throughout the Isle of Wight Biking Option happens to be normally just about the most long-term also stimulating circuit. This course requires a all round long distance within 62 amount of miles. You will traverse among the most attractive surroundings additionally views while on the destination. In most cases you can love comforting lanes and relatively hilly ways, then again standard roadways widely-used hence attention absolutely must be utilised. Depending on your primary sports body-shape and even fit position you’ll be able to take on this amazing route during comforting 1 or 2 periods. Thorough that certain parts most notably the High Street across Cowes town is considered the pedestrian space starting from tenam up until the time sixpm, outcome you simply must move through recommendations in addition to the wander with both biking- completely no biking.

The very exactly what famouse Eye of the Needles location programs a Yarmouth in order to Freshwater Bay place bike ride experience. Coming from Yarmouth onward alongside the old railway line, going to nice Dimbola Resort Photography Gallery, once you look at this particular celebrated Needles as a result of Farringford place. This is when Tennyson used to dwell and also aspired to write down his particular astounding pros. Shifting to I bet you’ve then the walk to the best spot concerning Tennyson down hill. Here there is a incredible prospect to think of spectacular sights on the Solent place and also the Area by itself. So therefore reverse as a result of the specific Needles Battery plus rocket evaluating section. The actual miles of this pathway is certainly 12 eight mile after mile. It does take everyone around 2 hrs. A person may perhaps like to have fun in the famous Needles pleasure place- including the commemorated gorgeous sands. And then tranquilly navigate on Yarmouth town by using the most appropriate still pathways.

One particular as an example that you just consider belongs to all of the Ryde right from Seaview, to positively St. Helens, Bembridge coupled with Brading location. This valuable pathway also includes countryside and delightful coastal views. Almost all of this is really while using the Area right track platform so attention should be consumed. When you’re beginning people show up through the Seaview location amusement parks. This is basically the firstly stage and this is commonly drivers completely free. The 2nd component of the venture undergoes Bembridge location and as a consequence Brading. They’re just definitely with hills and could be overly busy. You then get back to Ryde town as well as the good and consequently charming location walkways and driveways for this Isle of Wight. Accommodation Isle of Wight meets all demands and requirements.

Is Ever A Bike Too Well Lit

by hostabcseo on July 1, 2014

Is Ever A Bike Too Well Lit

Just how much lighting should you have on your bike at night or in poor light conditions? I ask the question because the law if it even bothers to police it at all, seems to suggest that anything from a minimal glow up is okay. Cars are subject to endless safety parameters yet cyclists who share the road and hazards are subject to relatively few rules. I speak as a leisure (but enthusiastic) cyclist.

I take the view that you have to compete to be visible and to do that, you will need excellent lights – positioned correctly, and if necessary more than one set. Why not?

Here’s my thinking on this. Two front lights should be the minimum. 1. A front light fitted on the bars to illuminate the road ahead and to make you visible to oncoming traffic. 2. A head lamp that fits over your helmet, and shines in the direction you are looking.

This is helpful when cornering and illuminating areas slightly off centre from your line of travel, allowing you to check the surface before committing to a change of direction. When cycling along beside a line of parked cars one of which may be occupied with the driver about to inadvertently open his door in your path. Firstly, he has a better chance of seeing you in his mirror if you are illuminated at more than one level. Secondly, as you approach you have a better chance of seeing an occupied car ahead and can be prepared therefore to take action if required.

I would also recommend two rear lights again at different heights and if you like one flashing and one constant. (I personally see no merit in flashing mode other than to save battery power. As a car driver, I believe a constant light is more likely to be picked up by peripheral vision than a blinking light but I realise many will disagree). 1. At least one light should be visible from the side as well as the rear. 2. The other could be attached to clothing this being the most obvious way to provide an alternative level to one fitted on the seat post for example.

In addition to these, there are now fibre optic lights in the form of tubes that can be fitted to the tubes of the frame. These are available in a variety of colours – white, blue green and yellow and are intended to make your bike visible from the side or from oblique angles. There is also red of course to be fitted to the rear of your bike, panniers, seat stays or clothing. These will not illuminate an extended area of road but should make you more visible to other road users. As such they are best suited for use along with the best conventional bike light you can afford rather than on their own.

In conclusion, although there are few hard and fast rules, common sense tells us that less is NOT more in this case but the answer is probably best provided not by cyclists but by other road users and their experience of how effective or otherwise cycle lights are.

Where to Shop for Scooters Online

by hostabcseo on June 23, 2014

Purchasing a scooter is not something that one should jump into without researching it thoroughly in advance. Luckily, there are many online scooter review sites that discuss in depth the pros and cons of each type of scooter, gas or electric, the warranties, the costs of replacement parts, etc. If you’re considering purchasing a scooter, definitely review several of these online scooter retail and review websites before making the plunge. The Scooter Lounge

The Scooter Lounge is a very neat and detailed website that provides information for scooter seekers, particularly those looking to buy a Vespa or a Lambretta. The Scooter Lounge provides very in depth information about both of these brands of scooters. This website is a good place to start if you need an introduction to purchasing a scooter, or need a jumping off point. There are great resources on the Scooter Lounge, including where to buy the scooters themselves, where to purchase replacement parts, and how to choose a scooter wisely and in your budget.

The Scooter Mall is a great all in one site. Here you can find information on a vast variety of different scooters, including X Treme, Roketa, Viva, Vespa, and more. The Scooter Mall hooks you up with the ebay marketplace, allowing you the choice to purchase from ebay or from their own retail site. The website has great reviews of each scooter, which makes purchasing a scooter fairly easy for first time buyers. The Scooter Mall provides great resources to those looking to purchase a scooter, including information about state laws on scooters, information on insurance, financing options, accessories, scooter parts, and helmets. The Scooter Mall really has it all in terms of scooter reviews and retail.

Buy My Scooter

Buy My Scooter is a website that is geared towards someone who already is knowledgeable about scooters and perhaps already has a scooter in mind to purchase. This site is especially great for those on a budget, because here you can buy used scooters at great prices. Buy My Scooter also sells a great collection of used scooters. So before purchasing a scooter in a local store, check out Buy My Scooter online and see if you can find a better deal.

Buy Scooters Online

Buy Scooters Online is another great site for purchasing a scooter online, but does not provide great reviews or resources for those still learning about them. Once you’ve settled on a scooter, visit Buy Scooters Online for a great selection and great deals on purchasing a scooter online. is the king retailer, and as such, I would suggest you refer to before purchasing a scooter to ensure you have gotten the best possible deal. has a large selection of scooters online for purchase and wonderful deals with free shipping. Once you’ve settled on a scooter, don’t neglect to check before you buy!

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Christmas Websites for the Whole FamilyA listing of some great Christmas themed websites. Merry Christmas!Trivia Websites for Trivia BuffsIf you are the one who always knows interesting bits of trivia then these websites are for you! Warning: they can really become addictive! Experience a Productive Trip to Dolphin Cay at Atlantis Resort You’ve probably seen pictures of children hugging dolphins on their vacation to an exotic island. At Atlantis Resort, you can do the same.

Some key Scooter tuning tips

by hostabcseo on June 20, 2014

Some key Scooter tuning tipsDriving a scooter is endowed with a lot of fun and excitement. But when any part of the bike is zonked off, you cannot experience all that ridding a scooter has to offer. But when any part of the bike is zonked off, you cannot experience all that ridding a scooter has to offer. But with some scooter tuning, you can upgrade the performance and make your scooter just as efficient as before.

A Scooter is a mechanical device and as you use it regularly, some parts are continually worn out with time. As a result, the performance of your scooter goes down. But with scooter tuning, you can definitely keep your vehicle up to date, always. All you need to do is to check the scooter parts, and repair or replace them whenever required. In addition, some basic things should always be taken into consideration such as changing the gear set in the engine, clutch wire replacement, cleaning of the carburetor, maintaining air pressure in the tire and others that are more prone to damage.

If you own a scooter then you would always want your vehicle to be on tip top performance. Scooter tuning is done to enhance the performance of the scooter so that when you ride, you can feel and savor the cold breeze on your face. By making certain changes, you can definitely upgrade the efficiency of your scooter. However, it is also true that you can only make some minor changes, but if you want something more than you will need a bit of mechanical knowledge for the same. However, if you are a novice or have no knowledge of a scooter then it is always advised to take your vehicle to a mechanic shop and then see how the mechanic works. This is one of the most effective ways of tuning up your scooter. You only need to pay for the parts that have been replaced by the mechanic. After that you must test it on the road and then you will be able to experience the change in speed and the overall performance in your scooter. However, even after the tuning, if you find some problem in your vehicle then you can further get it checked by the mechanic.

When you own a scooter, you gradually understand the functionality of the scooter parts such as the engine, carburetor, brakes, wires, and others. So, when you visit a motor mechanic for scooter tuning, you should tell the mechanic to change the oil, wash the carburetor, change the wires and check the tires, besides any other things you feel need checked. If any of these major parts is not working effectively then your scooter will not be tuned up completely. In addition, always look for an expert mechanic because he will be able to notice parts that are damaged and need replacement. The scooter tires should have the right amount of air pressure. Since scooter is a mechanical device, some parts worn out with time and therefore, scooter tuning is a must at least once in a year.

Scooter tuning takes only a few hours but sometimes it may take even a day or two when your scooter needs a lot of replacement. In that situation, you will have to leave your vehicle at a mechanic shop where the mechanic will work on it and replace the damaged parts. However, some parts can also be repaired without replacing them with a new one. In addition, always buy scooter parts from a branded retail shop and more specifically from the same company as that of your vehicle because other company parts might not be compatible with your scooter parts. In addition, regular cleaning of the vehicle at home is also a part of tuning up your vehicle. Keeping your scooter up to date is always advantageous, because you can enjoy the ride and expect good mileage from the same. In addition, you will not have to face a situation when you are trying hard to start the engine and you fail to do so especially in some urgency. So love your vehicle the way you love driving it.

buy super pocket bike

by hostabcseo on June 2, 2014

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Lapierre 2011 Bike Range

by hostabcseo on May 30, 2014

Lapierre 2011 Bike Range

Lapierre have now released their brand new 2011 range of bikes and they are finally in stock in stores across the country for us all to marvel over, just in time for Christmas! And this year has definitely not failed or disappointed us with some amazing developments to the already superb range.

One of the most talked about Lapierre bikes is the Lapierre Sensium road bike which has undergone some major surgery to enhance its performance and look. It has Stolen technology used in the top end Xelius but combined it with the comfort factor to produce a truly exciting bike. The front end has been made with an undirectional, high modulus carbon fibre and the cables run internally meaning the front looks as slick and clean as the Xelius but also keeping it light. At the back sees longer chainstays to hold stability at speed slightly better than the Xelius does now. This model weighs in at around 7.8kg but with minor adjustments may get even lighter.

The Lapierre Zesty especially the 514 model has been another highlight of the range with its new fat tapered head tube and beautiful new white, gold and silver paint job. It weighs in at 12.2kg and is tipped to be one of the most versatile, weight efficient bikes available. It is fantastic value for money being suitable for road and cross country and extremely durable meaning you are investing in quality. This range includes the Zesty 914, 714, 514, 314 and 214 all with slightly different set ups. If you are looking for a brilliant all-rounder Zesty is the way forward for you.

Lapierre Spicy is another hugely popular range which hasnt had such a major face-lift but instead some minor adjustments to improve its overall quality. There was nothing wrong with last years model so why change anything?! However, the changes that have been made are certainly for the better. It has changed to a tapered head tube to counteract the crop of suspension forks as well as a new rear axle to make the frame feel stiffer. The top model, Lapierre Spicy 916, has a carbon fibre rear triangle and an aluminium main triangle to reduce its overall weight. Read about the reasons bike enthusiasts and more and more of regular bikers go for mountain bike shoes. Greater protecti . But, your aim of getting some exercise while having a great time may turn into an unfortunate event if you do not keep in mind some bike safety . A Training expert is also a great source of motivation . Perhaps you have several reasons why you are having thoughts about riding a bike; .